Magic that does the heavy lifting
Sometimes you need more than a single spell to create an enchanting home life.
That’s why we offer bundled programs that address your challenges on many fronts.
Household Management

  • Oversee all in-home services as required.
  • Assistance with bill payment.
  • Accepting deliveries at clients’ homes.
  • Sourcing and arranging for contractors, landscapers, interior designers, painters, pool maintenance, cleaning services, organizers…
  • Seasonal decorating.
  • Any client directed services.

Concierge & Errand Services

  • Shopping services – gifts, grocery shopping and put away, dry cleaning etc.
  • Pet care – walk the dog, veterinary appointments, grooming appointments, etc.
  • Arrange activities
  • Event planning
  • Dining & theatre coordination

Seniors Assistance

  • Shopping services – gifts, groceries, dry cleaning etc.
  • Pet care – walk the dog, veterinary appointments, grooming appointments, etc.
  • Move assistance – packing, movers, unpacking and “put-away” services
  • Delivery and pick-up services
  • Project management and “handyman” services (painting, furniture construction, picture hanging, etc.)
  • Meals assistance
  • Medical professional co-ordination and assistance
  • “Companion” services

Moving Services

  • Arrange for all stages of move – realtors, movers, packers, etc.
  • Pre-decision package to present all options for move.
  • Coordinate and set up timelines.
  • Unpacking, furniture set up/staging/interior design
  • Put-away services
  • Arrange and attend utilities set up
  • Arrange contractors – painters, cleaners, interior designers & decorators
  • Arrange for storage where required
  • Any other client directed services and errands

Vacation Services

  • Make travel arrangements
  • Cottage openings/closings
  • Monitor, upkeep of house while away
  • Collect mail/newspapers
  • Water plants
  • Pet care
  • Outside maintenance – lawn care, snow removal, etc.
  • Bill payments
  • Emergency contact
  • Any other client directed services and errands

Virtual Services

  • Information packages – source out service providers, neighbourhood information
  • Situation assessment to determine needs
  • Project management and coordination
  • Help line to a Lifestyles Consultant for questions along the way

Efficiency Package/Customized Services

  • Allows clients to most effectively use the time that they have purchased
  • Bundling of services ensures minimization of travel time
  • Our “time utilization matrix” provides our clients with the best return on their investment
  • We conduct a needs analysis to determine the most efficient use of time so that your goals can be accomplished


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