If we had a magic wand, we’d use it to make those mundane tasks that clutter up our lives simply disappear. The best we can do in this the real world is deliver a range of helpful services designed to relieve you of your burdens and better organize your lifestyle.
Home Management Services

We can help you manage special home projects from major renovations to minor contract work. Or we can reduce the friction of your daily grind by helping you deal with everyday tasks from bill payments and maintenance to cleaning and organizing.

Personal Assistants/
Errand Services

You need to pick up your cleaning to have something to wear for that big meeting in the morning, your computer needs to go to the shop for servicing and your fridge is empty. But the kids have soccer at 6:00! You don’t need a miracle. You need a Lifestyles Consultant. We can do all your running around for you.


Is organizing your closets an open-and-shut case: open, look, panic and close? Do you dream of ascending the down escalator whenever you contemplate tidying your desk? A Lifestyle Consultant can take on such challenges and restore your peace of mind.

Moving & Put Away Services

Think of us as a human kit bag. We’ll pack up your troubles as well as your belongings and have you smiling. A Lifestyles Consultant can alleviate all the stresses of moving. We’ll organize movers, pack and unpack, and set everything in its place by the time you set foot in the door. Your only job will be to have a coffee on your new deck.

Seniors Assistance

When you’re a senior, tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or maybe just hanging a picture aren’t always as easy as they used to be. Our Lifestyles Consultants will help where help is required. We’re friendly, we’re experienced, we’re trustworthy.

Shopping Services

Ask our Lifestyles Consultant to do all your shopping for you. From buying gifts to regular grocery shopping, we can run the errands that keep you from living your life to the fullest.


Contemplating a redecorating or design project in your home? We can coordinate and oversee the entire process. Our Lifestyles Consultant has access to an extensive network of expert and reliable professionals.

Event Planning

Let Welcomehome Lifestyles help you organize a small birthday party or a 25th anniversary party. Leave the details to us. We’ll do all the planning and legwork so that you can actually enjoy the event!

Virtual Services

Maybe you need just a little help. Or maybe you want to do it yourself but you’re not quite sure how. Our “virtual” assistance provides access to a wealth of information and a Lifestyles Consultant to call on to answer any questions along the way.